How to Home School with Christian Cottage Schools


Do you want to know how to home school? Are you confused or frustrated about how to teach your child? Are you frustrated with the homeschool program you've been using? Are you tired of feeling like the "Lone Ranger"?

With Christian Cottage Schools, you will receive the following services:
  1. We have easy-to-use, concise, student/parent friendly materials

  2. We provide one-on-one diagnostic testing by educators trained and certified in Special Education, and learning problems are "no problem"

  3. We provide prescriptive curriculum designs with lesson plans, and records accountability and we will teach you how to home school your child with success 

  4. Our friendly staff includes home school parents, licensed professionals, and home schooled graduates who can answer your questions, even those like, "What is homeschooling?"

CCS offers many different options to help you home school your child. Including:

  1. Private School for Home Educators
    This option is great for parents who need to know how to home school, or for families with special needs children. 
  2. Diagnostic and Achievement Testing and Consultation

  3. Special Education Consultants

  4. Records Maintenance

  5. High School Graduation

  6. People are Talking about Christian Cottage Schools!