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Easy English is created to help children in poor communities to learn to speak English well. This will give them new opportunities for life.

Easy English method incorporates rhythms, pictures, sound drills, and games. It uses auditory training to train the brain in sounds and symbols.

Easy English includes English articulation training of every letter sound with picture and action, ear training exercises, with interesting stories to read and re-read to rhythm. Teachers will be given DVD films of the materials to practice with at home or use to teach the lessons directly to the students. They will also have large print materials for students to read aloud together.

Easy English level 1 workbook
Easy English level 2 workbook
Easy English level 3 workbook
Grammar workbook
Picture Letter Directory
Guide to Easy English


What makes Easy English work so well?

Easy English teaches only ONE SOUND AT A TIME! Students master sounds as they proceed. Learning moves forward easily from simple to more complex sound structures.  Stories use only the words we know.

The students practice with rhythm exercises every lesson. Rhythm helps students match the style of English speaking. Rhythm helps the learning to stick. (Three times faster!)

Curriculum includes Picture letter posters, Drills and Skills to read and do, Rhythm stories to read and practice again and again. Twenty-five lesson plans are ready to use with language applications, comprehension questions, learning games, songs and mastery measurements.

Easy English Gets Results!

When teachers in Coimbatore took these seminars in Feb. 2015, they all said, “This IS easy!”

When Jennifer, a missionary to Zambia, used these techniques, the 1st graders spoke better English than the 4th graders in only 3 months!

Teri Spray has been helping parents teach their dyslexic children to read and spell for over 30 years. She is a certified as a cognitive brain trainer. Her students often gain three years progress in only six months of training. She has written and published over 3,000 pages of curriculum used nationally. Teri has been an educational consultant for 30 years.

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