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Study each of the days of creation and ancient civilization into the Renaissance.

Roots & Relations: God’s family unit. Make family history books, study genetics, and make a cell-in-a-baggie

Light & Matter: experiment with physical science

Early Civilizations: study Egypt, international temples, and make a model of the wilderness tabernacle

Oceanography: study ocean lands, waves and animals, then set up an aquarium

Greece & Rome: study government, a Greek play, and make Roman Architecture models

Weather: build your own weather station

Middle Ages: castles, cathedrals, and a Renaissance feast

Bread of Life: “Biomes, Birds, Bugs & Bodies” life science activities for the whole family

Astronomy: activities, information and experiments


506 pages, identical to the print version, but has color pictures!


We are proud to present materials that we have developed, tested and produced here at Christian Cottage Schools. The “flagships” are our Christian Cottage Unit Studies. After teaching and writing units for our CCS families for 15 years, we believe we’ve produced a unit study method that is easy on Mom, and fun for the children. Each volume contains 2-week and one-month units planned to include enough science, history, bible, creative writing, literature and fine arts activities for more than one year. They’re easy to use, and Christian textbooks can be used as resources. Four levels of fun and interesting activities are planned daily for first through twelfth grades. Lessons are prepared in a one-day-at-a-glance, easy to use format. No Gaps! Ability-leveled vocabulary and main points make mastery measurements a snap! A home education curriculum pre-tested by hundreds of home schooling families.


Topics Included in This Unit Study

Names of God – Roots and Relations
Creation – Roots and Relations
Light of the World – Roots and Relation
The Tabernacle – Early Civilizations
Tower of Babel –  Early Civilizations
Bible Times History & Geography –  Early Civilizations
New Testament Acts –  Greece and Rome
The Reformation –  The Middle Ages

Stars –  Astronomy
Solar System –  Astronomy
Galaxies –  Astronomy

Life Science:
Cells – Roots and Relations
Fish –  Oceanography
Mollusks –  Oceanography
Crustaceans –  Oceanography
Marine Life –  Oceanography
Plants – Bread of Life
Food Chains – Bread of Life
Biomes –  Bread of Life
Birds –  Bread of Life
Insects –  Bread of Life
Human Anatomy –  Bread of Life

Physical Science:
Light Waves –  Light and Matter
Spectrum of Light –  Light and Matter
Matter / Mass –  Light and Matter
Atoms / Molecules –  Light and Matter
Air Pressure –  Weather
Weather, Clouds, Storms – Weather
Ocean Currents –  Oceanography

Oceans – Oceanography
Continents – Oceanography
Water / Land Formations – Oceanography
Map Work, Roman Empire – Greece and Rome
Map Work, Greece – Greece and Rome
Map Work, Israel – Early Civilizations

Monarchies – The Middle Ages
Dictatorships – Greece and Rome
Republics – Greece and Rome

US History / Family Heritage – Roots and Relations
Ancient Civilization – Early Civilizations
Biblical History – Early Civilizations
Ancient Greece – Greece and Rome
Ancient Rome – Greece and Rome
Dark Ages – The Middle Ages
Middle Ages – The Middle Ages
Elizabethan Era – The Middle Ages
The Renaissance – The Middle Ages
Introduction to the Baroque Period – The Middle Ages

Creative Writing:
Poetry, Songs and Ballads – Oceanography, Roots and Relations, The Middle Ages
Stories and Legends – All Units
Autobiography – Roots and Relations
Biography – Light and Matter
Reports / Essays – All Units

Each unit suggests classics for each level, plus read-aloud recommendations

Home Economics:
Cooking – Bread of Life, Roots and Relations
Medieval Feast – The Middle Ages
Nutrition – Bread of Life
Budget / Home Finance – Early Civilizations
Sewing and Costumes – Greece and Rome, The Middle Ages
Architecture – Early Civilizations, Greece and Rome, The Middle Ages

Gregorian Chant – The Middle Ages
Bach – The Middle Ages
Handel – The Middle Ages
Hymns – The Middle Ages

Drawing – All Units
Seascapes / Landscapes – Oceanography
Crafts – All Units


Additional information

Resources included in this unit study

Resources Included with this Unit Study

Here are the resource lists, taken directly from each of the following units. These resources are optional, and not required to complete a Christian Cottage Unit.

Roots & Relations: God's family unit. Make family history books, study genetics, and make a cell-in-a-baggie

Primary Levels

Title; Author, ISBN#

Ox Cart Man; Donald Hall, 0140504419
Josefina Story Quilt; Elanor Coerr, 0064441296
Owl Moon; Jane Yolen, 0399214577
If I Lived Alone (Sesame Street Series); Michaela Muntean, 0895777282
Heredity; Dennis B. Fradin, 0516012339
Me and My Family Tree; Paul Showers, 0690038860
Elementary Levels

Little House in the Big Woods; Laura Ingalls Wilder, 0060885378
Little House on the Prairie; Laura Ingalls Wilder, 0060885394
Sarah, Plain and Tall; Patricia MacLaughlan, 0064402053
DNA is Here to Stay; Frances R. Balkwell, 0876147635
Intermediate Levels

Joni; Joni Ericson Tada, 0310240018
Jacob Have I Loved; Katherine Paterson, 158118073X
Show Me No Mercy: A Compelling Story of Remarkable Courage; Robert Perske, 0687384354
Advanced Levels

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl; Anne Frank, 0553296981
The Swiss Family Robinson; Johann Wyss, 1414282249
The Hiding Place; Corrie Ten Boom, 1577489195
Roots; Alex Haley, 0385037872
The Zion Chronicles; Bodie Theone, 0764283065
Cheaper by the Dozen; Frank Gilbreth, 0060763132
Optional Library Resources

National Archives Branches, http://www.archives.gov
Adam and Eve Family Tree: The Genealogy of Jesus Christ, Good Things Company
The How Book for Genealogists; George B. Evereton, 0685467872
Heraldry; Julian Franklyn, 0498066835
An Heraldric Alphabet; J.P. Brooke, 06680029412
Keeping Family Stories Alive: A Creative Guide to Taping your Family, Life and Love; Vera Rosenbluth, 0881790265
Heredity, A New True Book; Dennis B. Fradin, 0516012339

Fiddler on the Roof
The Sound of Music
Light & Matter: experiment with physical science

Primary Levels

The Story of Noah and the Flood; Jude Winkler, 0899429610
Science Project Book of Light; Steve Parker, 1403472912
Elementary Levels

The World that Was; Dr. Philip Young, M.D., 1880451034
The New Answers Book; Ken Ham, 0890515093
The Sower Series: Isaac Newton; John Hudson Tiner, 0915134063
Intermediate Levels

Adam and His Kin, The Lost History of Their Lives and Times; Dr. Ruth Beechick, 0940319071
Science and the Bible; Henry Morris, 0802406564
Advanced Levels

Men of Science, Men of God, Great Scientists of the Past Who Believed the Bible; Henry M. Morris, 0890510806
Scientists Who Believe: 21 Tell Their Own Stories; Warren W. Wiersbe, 0802476341
The Flood in the Light of the Bible, Geology, and Archeology; Alfred M. Rehwinkel, 0570031834
Early Civilizations: study Egypt, international temples, and make a model of the wilderness tabernacle

Primary Levels

I, Tut, the Boy Who Became Pharaoh; Miriam Schlein, 0590075713
Tut's Mummy: Lost… and Found; Judy Donnelly, 0394991893
Elementary Levels

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt; Elizabeth Payne, 0394846990
Cleopatra; Diane Stanley, 0688154808
Life and Times: Cleopatra and the Egyptians; Andrew Langley, 0850785960
Pyramid; David Macaulay, 0395321212
Intermediate Levels

The Golden Goblet; Eloise Jarvis McGraw, 3410303359
Mara, Daughter of the Nile; Eloise Jarvis McGraw, 069820087X
Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Adam and His Kin, The Lost History of Their Lives and Times; Dr. Ruth Beechick, 0940319071
Tales of Ancient Egypt; Roger Lancelyn Green, 0140367160
Legacies of the Ancient River Triology; Angela Elwell Hunt, 0764281941 (boxed set)
Jerusalem, The City of God and Melchizidek; Ellen Gunderson Traylor, 1404186409, 1565075285
Optional Additional Resources for Further Research

How Children Lived; Melanie Rice, 0756618061
Mummies Made in Egypt; Aliki, 0064460118
How Do We Know the Bible is True?; Lynn Waller, 0310538211
Mummies, Tombs and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt; Lila Perl Yerkow, 0395547962
Ancient Egypt Book/Treasure Chest; George Hart, 1561384623
Pyramid; David Macaulay, 0395321212
Creation Resources

Creation: Facts of Life; Dr. Gary Parker, 0890514925
Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure; John D. Morris, 0890511667
The Answers Book and The Lie; Ken Ham, 0890515093, 0890511586
Scientific Creationism; Henry M. Morris, 0890510032
Oceanography: study ocean lands, waves and animals, then set up an aquarium

Primary Levels

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie; Peter Roop, 0876144547
Elementary Levels

Paddle to the Sea; Holling C. Holling, 0395292034
Seabird; Holling C. Holling, 0395266815
Pagoo; Holling C. Holling, 0395539641
Intermediate Levels

Jacob Have I Loved; Katherine Paterson, 0064403688
Captains Courageous; Rudyard Kipling, 0486407861
Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Jules Verne, 1402725337
The Old Man and the Sea; Ernest Hemingway, 0684801221
Moby Dick; Herman Melville, 1593081669
How to Dissect; William Berman, 0671763423
Greece & Rome: study government, a Greek play, and make Roman Architecture models

Primary Levels

How They Lived, A Roman Centurion; Stewart Ross, 0865921407
Growing Up in Ancient Rome; Mike Corishley, 081672721X
Pompeii…Buried Alive; Edith I. Kunhardt, 0394888669
Eyewitness Books- Ancient Rome; Simon James, 0679807411
I Wonder Why Romans Wore Togas; Fiona MacDonald, 0753450577
Journey Through History – Greek and Roman Eras; Gloria Verges, 0812033884
The Trojan Horse, How the Greeks Won the War; Emily Little, 0394896742
Elementary Levels

Aesop and Company; Barbara Bader, 0395505976
Mystery History of the Roman Coliseum; Rhiannon Ash, 0761306137
What Do We Know About the Romans?; Mike Corbishley, 0872263525
BBC Fact Finders – Roman Britain; Jenny Hall, 0563349999
Detectives in Togas; Henry Winterfield, 0152162801
Beric the Briton – Roman Invasion; G.A. Henty, 1576468690
Aesop for Children; Milo Winter, 0026890224
Book of Virtues for Young People; William J. Bennett, 0689816138
Rome & Romans; Heather Amery, 0794503365
Living in Roman Times; Jan Chisholm, 086020619X
Intermediate Levels

Gladiator; Richard Watkins, 039582656X
Usborne Greeks; Susan Peach, 0794504280
Encyclopedia of the Roman World; Jane Bingham, 0794501176
Bronze Bow; Elizabeth George Speare, 0395137195
Martyr of the Catacombs: A Tale of Ancient Rome; An Anonymous Christian, 0825421438
Children's Homer; Padraic Colum, 0689868839
The Book of Virtues; William J. Bennett, 0671683063
Advanced Levels

The Odyssey; by Homer, 0451527364
The Iliad; Homer, 0753457229
Julius Caesar (Barron's Shakespeare Made Easy); William Shakespeare, 0812035739
Ben Hur; Lew Wallace, 1561797456
Optional Additional Resources by Order of Level

Ancient Rome Discovery Kit; Joseph Farrell, 156138500X
Make this Roman Villa; Ian Ashman, 0746004621
Make this Roman Fort; Ian Ashman, 0746036914
Make this Trojan Horse; Ian Ashman, 0794509525
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece; Robert Morkot, 0140513353
Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome; Christopher Scarre, 0140513299
Weather: build your own weather station

Primary Levels

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie; Peter Roop, 0876144547
Snow Walker; Margaret K. Wetterer, 087614959X
Storm Chasers – Tracking Twisters; Gail Herman, 0448416247
Thunder Cake; Patricia Polacco, 0698115813
My Side of the Mountain; Jean Craighead George, 0141312424
Elementary Levels

Stormy, Misty's Foal; Marguerite Henry, 0689714874
Tornadoes; Seymour Simon, 0064437914
Little House in the Big Woods; Laura Ingalls Wilder, 0060581808
Abbie Burgess, Lighthouse Heroine; Dorothy H. Jones, 0892720182
Intermediate Levels

Island of the Blue Dolphins; Scott O'Dell, 0440439884

The Swiss Family Robinson; Johann David Wyss, 0486416607
Advanced Levels

Robinson Crusoe; Daniel Defoe, 0486404277
Tempest (Barron's Shakespeare Made Easy); William Shakespeare, 0812036034
Lord Jim; Joseph Conrad, 0486406504
Middle Ages: castles, cathedrals, and a Renaissance feast

Dark Ages

Long Ago in a Castle; Marie R. Farre (Primary & Elementary), 0944589065
Knights; Carole Lynn Corbin (Primary & Elementary), 0531106926
Castle; David Macaulay (Elementary), 0395329205
All About Knights; Michael Gibson (Elementary & Intermediate), 0821900161
Knights and Castles; Will and Ma Osborne (Primary & Elementary), 0375802975
Medieval Knights; Trevor Cairns (Advanced text, great pictures), 0521389534
Middle Ages

Cathedrals: Stone Upon Stone; Brigitte Gandiol-Coppin (all levels), 0944589243
Cathedral; David Macaulay (Elementary), 0395316685
Medieval Warfare; Koch (all levels), 1566198844
Pictorial History of Music; Paul Henry Lang (all levels), 0758175698
Medieval Military Dress, 1066-1500; Christopher Rothero, 0713709332
The Renaissance

The Renaissance and the New World; Giovanni Caselli (all levels), 0613110692
Renaissance Places; Sarah Howarth (all levels), 1562940899
The Reformation

Foxe's Christian Martyrs of the World; John Foxe (all levels), 1557480524
This Was John Calvin; Thea B. Van Halsema (Upper levels), 0801092833

Michael the Angel; Laura Fischetto (Primary), 0385308442
Gutenberg; Leonard Everett Fisher (Elementary), 0027352382
Tales from Shakespeare; Charles & Mary Lamb (Elementary), 0140366776
Ivanhoe; Sir Walter Scott (Advanced), 0553213261
The Black Arrow; Robert Louis Stevenson (Advanced), 0812565622
When Knighthood was in Flower; Charles Major, Edwin Caskoden (Advanced), 1557425418
Brother Cadfael Mysteries; Ellis Peters (Advanced), series, look for individual titles

Princess Bride
Lion in Winter
Camelot (Rogers & Hammerstein's Musical)
Henry V
Lady Hawke
Robin Hood (Disney Cartoon), or Robin Hood with Errol Flynn
The Saracen Blade
Bread of Life: "Biomes, Birds, Bugs & Bodies" life science activities for the whole family

All Levels

Creative, Hands-on Science Experiments; Jerry DeBruin, 0916456870
The Atlas of the Living World; David Attenborough, 0395494818
Science in the Creation Week; David Unfred, 1568570066
Backyard Scientist; Jane Hoffman, 0961866306
Personal Fitness; Boy Scouts of America, 0839532865
Experiences in Biology; Kathleen Julicher, 1888717289
Feasting…Naturally; Mary A. Pickard, 0934474052
Birds of North America: A Guide to Field Identification; Chandler S. Robbins, 1582380902
National Audobon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers (eastern and western); John W. Thieret, 0375402322 (e), 0375402330 (w)

A Bug's Life (Disney/Pixar)
Astronomy: activities, information and experiments

Levels will vary

Astronomy for Every Kid; Janice Van Cleave, 0471542857
Earth Science for Every Kid; Janice Van Cleave, 0471530107
The Trained Eye; Leon Palmer, 0030013674
Whitney's Star Finder; Charles Whitney, 0679725822
Astronomy merit badge book; Boy Scouts of America Staff, 0839533039
Burnham's Celestial Handbook: An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System; Robert Burnham Jr., 048623567X (vol 1), 0486235688 (vol 2), 0486236730 (vol 3)
The Stars: A New Way to See Them; H.A. Rey, 0395248302


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