Sight Word Cards


201 Sight Word cards with multi-sensory instructions on the back of each card for teaching spelling and mastery. Phonics rules are included if applicable.

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Dimensions 5 x 4 x 2 in
How to Teach a Sight Word

How to Teach a Sight Word:
1. Show the card to your child, and say the word, and have the child repeat it.
This is the word, “the,” say “the.”
2. Next, spell the word out loud. Have your child point to the letters as you spell it. Then, say the word again.
“the, t-h-e, the.”
3. Use the word in a sentence. Then, have the child use the word in a sentence.
“I am coming to the party.”
4. Write the word in the air.
“t-h-e, the”
a. Imagine the child is using a visual board 12 inches in front of the eyes, as wide as the shoulders. This is the visual memory field. Words can be imaged on this board in any color, which helps the child remember.
b. Spell the word forwards and backwards for visual memory. (t-h-e, e-h-t)
For fun and mastery, try pointing and spelling back and forth – first, last, and middle (t-h-e, t-e-h)
5. Practice writing the word without looking at the card. (Practice may be done on a chalkboard, or with a crayon, on a whiteboard, or in a notebook.)
6. Show the card to the child to correct any errors.
7. Re-spell the word on the “visual board” as necessary.
Note: For children who struggle with memory, try coloring particular letters to help them recognize phonetic blends and digraphs which are mentioned in the lessons.


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